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Can You Play in my Cocktail Hour or Reception?
Yes! We're excited to play for all the receptions we can! Keep in mind: After you have decided on a ceremony package, which consists of up to 30 minutes of prelude, the processional, the ceremony, recessional, and a short postlude as guests are exiting, if you would like us to play a cocktail hour or reception, our hourly rate goes into effect, which is $149 for a soloist, $199 for a duet, $249 for a trio, and $299 for a quartet. We can also play for events other than weddings! Please contact us for more details!

What Do I Get When I Purchase a Package?
All packages consist of the same core service, for an instrumentalist(s) to play a maximum half an hour of prelude before the ceremony begins, the processional, and a short postlude as guests are exiting. A ceremony package may also include a special song for the seating of grandmothers and mothers, the processional for attendants, and a special song either for a Unity Candle or an interlude, and the recessional.

What if I Don't Know What Songs I Want?
Don't be discouraged if you don't know what songs to pick. Feel free to choose songs from the list on our website. You have the option of telling us exactly which songs you wish to hear during the 30 minutes leading up to the ceremony or letting us know your preferred style of music (classical, jazz, etc.) for the prelude. Most of our clients decide what songs they want for the processional/recessional, then, understanding our years of musical experience, leave the other song choices to our discretion. We are versed in a wide range of styles, which can be viewed on our Song List page!

How Can I Request a Song?
We have our own song list available for you to choose from, but we're more than happy to play whatever songs your hearts' desire. Below is the procedure if you would like to request a song: Simply tell us which songs you want us to play and allow us time to find and arrange the music as well as rehearse in time for your ceremony. We can provide this service for a flat rate of 25 dollars, which we will simply include in the total.

How Do I Reserve/Book You for my Date?
To reserve/book your date in our records, you need only sign a contract and pay a 50% deposit; then we will be contractually obligated to play whenever and wherever you assign, as well as any other designations you require. Remember, the date is not reserved until a contract and deposit have been returned to us, and after 2 weeks we will release the date for the consideration of others.

How Far in Advance Must I Book Your Group?
As long as the date is available in our records, we are happy to play for you! However, lots of people book us months in advance, so the best way to make sure we're available is to contact us ASAP!

Will We Be Able to Hear You?
A common misunderstanding is that our music might not be heard. Some have even considered amplification; however, our instruments (violin and cello) were not meant to be amplified. Therefore, we do not utilize amplifiers. We understand the concern, particularly for outdoor weddings, that enough people will not be able to hear our instrumentalists. However, ceremonies are on the quieter side, even before the processional when the guests are seating and getting in the ceremony mood.

The only time our playing might be harder to hear is during a reception. A phenomenon called an "audience bubble" develops, where guests mingling close to us can hear us perfectly but farther away we become harder to hear. A solution to this is to position us near "action areas" such as a dance floor or where refreshments are being served.

Do You Have a Sound System to Mic Up Your String Quartet or My Officiant?
Yes! We can provide up to 2 mics and 2 loudspeakers for the entire ceremony! We only ask for $100 added to the final balance for this service. We just upgraded our sound system! We spent $1,800 on wireless Bluetooth Presonus speakers, and a wireless headset mic (which can also comfortably be worn on the shoulders). If you want to look up the headset mic, it's called Shure SLX14/85 Lavalier Wireless System.


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